30 Quotes that Will Take You Through a Rough Relationship

Romantic relationships between people in love are one of the most beautiful and yet mysterious phenomena in our lives. Sometimes, we can’t even say why we love someone. You just love this person, and desperately want to be with him or her. We search for the best ways to express our emotions and confess our feelings. Even though love unites, it also divides people. This is because love is not only about pleasant moments with our significant others but also about pain and stress. Think about all those songs and movies that were created due to unrequited love.

But unrequited love is not the only problem that couples face. Love has another negative feature: it will slowly decay if we are not refueling it. Love needs emotions, and this explains why we never fall in love with those whom we barely notice on the streets. So, as you can see, too many factors should match to make two people happily fall in love. But even this is not the end, as we have said, love requires constant efforts from both people. Those efforts should be aimed to adjust to each other. Otherwise, we simply can’t spend much time with our significant others.

30 helpful quotes for those who have rough relationships

After reading all this, one may think that love is too hard and too complicated to bother. Well, even though most of us need a special romantic guide to be successful in love affairs, none of us can live without love. Yes, like everything else in this world, love has its one pros and cons. However, the main con of love is that none of us can live without it. It is in our nature to have a desire to spend our lives with our significant others. Of course, it is very hard to avoid problems when it comes to living together with another person under the same roof, but where others see problems, we see an opportunity. Love is a very touching thing, and there are many wise people who have shared their opinion concerning it. Thus we can use their wisdom to our own advantage. Who knows, maybe one of those quotes about love will take you through your rough romantic relationship.

1. The friction between romantic parts cools down their relationships. how about that, physics?

2. Any relationship assumes that both partners owe something to each other. However, in love, both partners owe things with pleasure and voluntarily.

3. To understand the true value of your relationship, rub your partner up the wrong way.

4. When there is no freedom, there is no love.

5. A perfect relationship has no taste, smell, or aftertaste.

6. A smart person will never continue a relationship in which he or she is not respected. Furthermore, they will never start them.

7. The best way to ruin your love is to start searching for the reasons for it.

8. When you live only for yourself, you may not make other people happy. And if you always plow for the sake of others, expecting gratitude, you will make yourself unhappy.

9. Silence is the worst end of any quarrel.

10. Any romantic relationship without problems is not real.

11. A healthy relationship will never be an obstacle to communication with relatives and friends.

12. Romantic relationships are built on trust, but loyalty comes only from faithfulness.

 13. It is better to bear the cross of unrequited love than to waste oneself on one whose heart is not free.

14. At some point, every romantic relationship require fixing

15. The bitterest thing that could only happen between two partners just happened to them: they began to feel bored together.

16. People always abuse kindness. They willingly insult their loved ones, especially when they are sure that their significant others will easily forget them.

17. Even if you love someone, this doesn’t mean that it will be easy for both of you to get along.

18. The worst type of love is when both partners search for their reasons.

19. A way to true love is never smooth and pleasant. However, it is very rewarding.

20. Feelings are just like a bonfire of emotions. It is great when they are burning. But if you let them burn out, then you will have to deal with ashes.

21. Romantic relationships in any form are always based on emotions, feelings, and love but never on fear. Fear builds only slavery.

22. Relationships are such a complicated thing that outsiders should not interfere and spill all sorts of smart tips.

 23. The more things you cannot directly tell to your significant other, the less meaningful romantic relationship you have.

24. Toxic relationships take a huge amount of energy. Tensions and conflicts deplete strength. In turn, a good attitude and the opportunity to be oneself inspire and fill with energy.

25. Love and relationships that it creates are never simple and very rarely are cloudless.

26. The most important thing in a happy relationship is the ability to yield. If someone does not want to pacify his ego, then such a relationship won’t last long.

 27. Human relationships are not endless, but this doesn’t mean that they had never existed in the past.

 28. When it comes to choosing between a reliable person whom I have never loved and a person whom I love, but who have never loved me, I prefer not to choose at all. Unrequited love is the worst poison. Even though it doesn’t kill your body, it slowly eats the colors and happiness from your life.

 29. Relationships always assume that two people must work together.

 30. You may forget to make her a morning coffee, to present her flowers, or to take an umbrella on a rainy day, but you should never forget to share with her your thoughts and emotions.

Some of those quotes, teach how perfect romantic relationships should look like, and teach how to choose a perfect partner, while others show the way how you can build a perfect relationship by yourself. Without a single doubt, you will be able to render a bit of useful wisdom from those quotes.

The main tips that help to heal problematic romantic relationships

Surely, international wisdom is a very great thing, and you can learn a lot from it. But rendering useful bits of information from those quotes may take some time. Plus, those are just opinions of other people, who have never been in your place. When you have significant problems in your romantic relationship, you can’t wait for too long, or your problems will become unfixable. Therefore, we also want to share with you the main tips that help to heal problematic romantic relationships. These tips are universal and will be helpful in any situation.

  1. Keep calm

A romantic relationship is one of those things that cause the strongest emotions, both positive and negative. And while you should never suppress positive ones, it is always better to block negative ones. Your anger may cause more problems in your relationship. Due to it, you may instead of resolving a problem, insult your partner. Even worse, anger is only one negative emotion that will appear during your quarrels. Other negative emotions will cause even more damage.

  • Share your emotions with your partner

When we were talking about suppressing emotions, we didn’t mean that you should never share. Your task was to avoid possible negative consequences. But it is crucial to let your partner know how you feel about his or her actions or deeds. This is important because only via sharing your feelings and emotions, you will be able to find the root of all evil in your relationship.

  • Avoid blames

While working on the list of quotes, we were searching for quotes that also will tech to avoid blaming. You see, in the majority of cases, both partners are responsible for building an unhealthy romantic relationship. Therefore, this is not sorely your or your partner’s fault. You both have built your relationship like that, and only together with your partner, you can fix it.

  • Never involve a third party

Unless you have a very violent partner and you have no other choice but to involve the police, you should never involve third parties. Forget about asking your relatives or friends to talk to your partner. Your romantic relationship is only yours. Consequently, you two are the only ones who can resolve your problems. By involving third parties, you will only insult your partner.

  • Don’t try to change each other

In healthy relationships, partners adjust to each other, but they never change for each other. You need to accept your partner the way he or she is. No, you can help him or her to quit smoking, and you may even plant a seed of this idea on their head. However, you should never expect, or even worse, make your partner change. You are two separate people, and it is normal that you have different views on this life. Instead, focus on things that unite you.

Finally, after reading the list of quotes and our tips, before taking any steps, you need to understand what you want from your current relationship. Do you love your partner? Do you want to save your relationship? Only after understanding your own desires, you should take the first steps on your way either to fixing your relationship or to breaking up with your partner.

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