Martin Luther King Jr. “Our God Is Able”

Happy MLK day!  Many thanks to David Fitch of Reclaiming the Mission for pointing us to this sermon given by MLK on January 1, 1956.  The PDF below is an outline of the sermon.  A short and worthwhile read that reflects the theological heart of Martin Luther King Jr.  I would be grateful to anyone who could track down the audio and send it my way.

“God’s control is never usurped. If at times we despair because of the relatively slow progress being made in ending racial discrimination, let us gain new heart in the fact that God is able. In our sometimes difficult and often lonesome walk up freedom’s road, we do not walk alone. God walks with us. God has placed within the very structures of the universe certain absolute moral laws. We can neither defy nor break them. If we disobey them, they will break us. The forces of evil may temporarily conquer truth, but truth will ultimately conquer its conqueror. Our God is able.