“Meaning becomes pervasive…” Marilynne Robinson on Writing and Theology

Anyone who has ever talked with me about my love of quality fiction has probably heard me mention Marilynne Robinson.  She is the author of one of the most contemplative novels of the last two centuries, Gilead, and continues to posture her writing in such a way that her readers understand that the worlds in which she moves are awash in the mysterious presence of God.  She has written both fiction and non-fiction.  Of the two, I much prefer her fiction.  I find her non-fiction full of too much verbage.  Which is kind of ironic if you take the time to watch this interview clip with a fellow at Princeton.  Regardless, I find her observations invaluable to those of us who find it a challenge to link our hearts to our brains.  The world needs public theologians.  She is an example of one who consistently treats us as human.  Marilynne, I hear you.  Please keep helping us.

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