Post-modernity 101: Nothing New Under the Sun

Here are two short video’s for those who have difficulty understanding the question, “What is Postmodernity?” Part and parcel to “Post-Modern” culture is a growing understanding of the idea that there really is, “…nothing new under the sun.” All that is created around us has been created using variations on themes that have come before. Remix does a good job at pointing to a few concrete examples from the world of music and film. This general concept can be applied to every other area of human invention and creation. From the books that we write to the ideas that we express. Postmodern philosophy and culture simply admits this general observation and seeks to deconstruct the “Modern” idea of solitary godlike geniuses producing truly “original” works or literature, art, music etc… Genius is not found within the mythic quest to “come up with something new” but in the creative ways in which we arrange what is old. It may be written in words to large to be read, but this postmodern critique is as big a deal to current intellectual, artistic, and philosophical culture as Galileo declaring that the earth revolves around the sun. All sorts of things can (and have!) been said about the coming implications of our Remix culture. From “intellectual property rights” to our ability to share words, ideas, and music for free over the Internet. The ability of our children to be able to quickly deconstruct millions of variations on themes is of utmost importance. In other words, the ability to understand the underlying and ancient stories the remixes tell?

Stay tuned for parts three and four of this series. They are still in the making and promise to offer more concrete examples of this idea. Also, for an extended and entertaining meditation about the idea of remix in popular culture see Brett Gaylor’s Documentary RIP!: A remix manifesto here.

Everything is a Remix from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.