Holy Week: Services of the Bridegroom

The Eastern Orthodox tradition is rich.  Especially during Holy Week.  A few of you have reminded me that Orthodox Christians have a service designated for each day of this week.  Special thanks to my friend Joel for these resources! They provide us with a way to embody the world’s true story. The services of the Bridegroom take place Sunday evening through Thursday evening of Holy Week and recall specific themes based on the last days of Christ. Those who are inclined toward the beauty of music will be especially taken by these services that culminate in the Easter Vigil. It has become a tradition in our family to listen to John Tavener’s The Veil of the Temple on Holy Saturday. You will find a few examples of Orthodox liturgical music from the services of the Bridegroom below. You will find a full explination of this week in the Orthodox calendar here. To purchase all the music from these samples go here.

Alleluia Antiphons for the Bridegroom Service – Tone 8 by pmajorins

Troparia of the Bridegroom Services – Tone 8 by pmajorins

Exapostelarion of the Bridegroom Service – Tone 3 by pmajorins

Sample schedule for Orthodox services during Holy Week (And we Protestants think 2 services during Holy Week is a lot!)

Christ is in our midst!
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I pray that you have had a blessed Lenten Fast. We have begun Holy Week and I send this note encouraging you all to come and partake of the rich hymns and prayers of the Orthodox Church as we bow before Christ’s Passion that we all may come partake of His glorious Resurrection!

Monday 7:00 PM Bridegroom Orthros
Tuesday 7:00 PM Bridegroom Orthros
Wednesday 7:00 PM Holy Unction (Service of Healing)
Thursday 7:00 PM Orthros of Holy Friday (12 Gospels)
Friday 9:00 AM Royal Hours
3:00 PM Vespers of Burial (taking down Christ from the Cross)
7:30 PM The Lamentations
Saturday 10:00 AM Vesperal Liturgy of Holy Saturday Morning (Baptism of Laura)
11:00 PM Rush Service
11:30 Orthros of Pascha
(Sunday) 12:30 AM Divine Liturgy of Holy PASCHA
Followed by the blessing of the Baskets and a Pot Luck Feast
Sunday 4:00 PM Paschal Vespers
All are welcome!