My week with N.T. Wright: Simply Jesus (a lecture)

I had a chance to hear N.T Wright speak no more than 5 times last week: At the Fuller Seminary campus in Sacramento, the launch of the Newbigin House of Studies in San Francisco, and at a special dialogue he held with Scott Hahn and Michael Goheen, an addendum to the Society of Biblical Literature conference that was also held in San Francisco. For those unfamiliar, N.T. Wright is world class New Testament scholar, former Anglican Bishop of Durham, and a professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland. He is one of those rare scholars that excels at relating to the “ivory tower” and the typical person in the pew. N.T. Wright considers all of his theological endevours to be “practical” in nature. He is thoroughly orthodox in his confession of the Christian faith, but has offered some much needed constructive theological observations aimed towards the revitalization of the faith over the last 30 years. His observations have offered up challenges to those in both “conservative” and “liberal” camps. Trained as a Roman historian, he is a strong proponent of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and challenges the Christian community to take seriously the life of Christ, and the implications of Cross and Resurrection for the life of the Christian. Especially, as Christians interact with larger society. For a further introduction to his theology you might want to check out this series of books written over the last few years found here, here, and here. If you are interested his “scholarly” work you would do well to start here, here, and here. To peruse some of this lectures go here.

Or…you could just take a look at this video recording of the lecture I attended at the Fuller Campus in Sacramento. The audience consisted of well over 600 people. This a great synopsis of Wright’s current theological emphasis. If for nothing else, you should watch this lecture for the last twenty minutes. Wright builds his case in the first half, then just ends up preaching a sermon that strings together the narrative of the Christian Scriptures in a way that is rarely done. His knowledge of Scripture is absolutely expansive, to say the least…it is in his bones and very being.

NT Wright at Fuller Sacramento Campus from Fuller Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

Fuller Seminary Northern California hosts Rt. Rev. Dr. N. T. Wright, research professor of New Testament and early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He was previously the Bishop of Durham, and has taught New Testament Studies at Oxford, Cambridge and McGill Universities. Dr. Wright shares insights into why the church has embraced an “either/or” mentality regarding the message of salvation rather than embracing the work of making the world a better place. He provides practical ideas on how to adopt a “both/and” approach to believing and doing. For more information visit

And just in case you missed it…Wright’s appearance on The Colbert Report!


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