“World Religions Literacy” Study App now in the ITunes Store!

Over the last four months I have been hard at work authoring a “World Religions Literacy” study app for the IPhone and ITouch. My app is now “live” in the ITunes store. A search for “World Religions Literacy” in the ITunes store will provide you with a link to download directly from the app store, or you can click here to get to the app page on the Apple store online.

I have been working with a company named Study by App, LLC to complete the app and submit it to Apple. They provided the software platform with which I was able to enter the content that I developed. I learned a lot from my experience teaching an Intro. to World Religions course within the context of a Catholic middle school a few years ago. This is some of the fruit of what I learned and hope others might find it useful as well. The application serves as an introduction to the largest and most common religious cultures in the world today. It took longer than I anticipated to write and record the lectures, enter all of the content, and find enough public domain images to use as visuals.

A base of knowledge is provided for those interested in learning basic facts and concepts related to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, East Asian religions, and other traditions with American and Christian roots (Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witness).

I have sought to focus on the global religious landscape and answer questions like, what is the difference between a Sunni and Shiite Muslim? Why do some Hindus wear red dots on their head? Or, what is the difference between a reformed and orthodox Jew?

Basic issues related to the role of religion within contemporary society are examined, as well as differences between Western and Eastern religious understandings and ways of life.

Special attention is given to the kinds of knowledge that may be covered in the typical World Religions course at the high school or college level, or cultures and religious terms you might run across while reading the newspaper.

Lectures, multiple choice questions, and flashcards examine the history, beliefs, writings, places, and practices that provide special meaning to the adherents of each tradition.

Here is a sample lecture from the app:

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