Quote: T.F. Torrance on appealing to Christ alone

One of my favorite quotes comes from the man who not only wrote many of his own books and articles, he also, “…edited the translation of several hundred theological writings into English from other languages, including the English translation of the thirteen-volume, six-million-word Church Dogmatics of Karl Barth, as well as John Calvin’s New Testament Commentaries.” He served as a pastor in the Church of Scotland his whole life and was instrumental in the development of the historic agreement between the Reformed and Eastern Orthodox Churches on the doctrine of the Trinity.  Torrance had, “…a lively sense of Christ’s continued high-priestly mediation of humanity to the Father through the Holy Spirit.”

“He who boasts of his orthodoxy sins against justification by Christ alone, for he justifies himself by appeal to the truth of his own beliefs.”

-T. F. Torrance, Reality & Evangelical Theology, 149.

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