Lent 2012: Music for Reflection

I have been overwhelmed with music since I started writing music reviews for PopMatters.com. My inbox has been assaulted by more than a few publicists begging me to listen to their newest artists, hoping I might write a review for them. This has resulted in a lot of free music. To much, really. So, I am cutting back this Lenten season. Enough with the latest and greatest. I intend to focus my repeat listening experiences on this particular piece. Those who know me have been exposed to my love for the composer Arvo Part . Litany was recorded in 1995 and is based on text from the 24 prayers of St. John Chrysostum (the saint responsible for the liturgy still used in Eastern Orthodox churches today). Litany is more than appropriate for this Lenten season and promises to yield buried treasures for those willing to attempt repeated listening’s. It is a dynamic devotional composition that pairs Part’s minimalism with sounds akin to Medieval chant and melody. A few violins and one voice introduce the first prayer, “O Lord, of Thy heavenly bounties deprive me not.” I invite you to listen along with me. Stream below or buy here.

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