Poems – Two from the Archive: “Promised Land” and “Impressions at a Free Church Liturgy”

 Promised Land

Mess of life and mess of portion

The precipice of grace placed to help us totter

On these

     The grounds of life lived in the face of

             flaming swords and prohibitions to enter not

                   the land of new humanity

Enter not

but enter soon

Suffer well

but suffer not

       the sins of Cain and spirits of Saul

Rather the zeal of Phineas and boils of Job

Taste beauty wasted soul;

Taste beauty


                     and tears

The ground did open

Divine did weep

The Promised Land

Will surely keep


Impressions at a Free Church Liturgy

The liturgies of these hours are still set in stone

Habits of iconic devotion


Listen, pray, bow

The stage, “freedom”, pretense

These things too; are habits of disguised devotion

These things

They tell us who we are

Shadow and light

human…remember this

Remember this and speak not.