First Son Lux album available on Noisetrade

The first Son Lux album has just been made available for free download over at Noisetrade. At War with Walls and Mazes continues to be one of the discs I have consistently returned to over the course of the last few years. It has been called, “…the musical equivalent of Lectio Divina…a mix between Radiohead and Rachmaninoff.

SonLux2The Christian community could use more subversive artist like Ryan Lott (aka Son Lux). In many respects, his approach is the wave of the future. The last Son Lux album titled We Are Rising was written and recorded from scratch over a 28-day period through the patronage of NPR. Think Kickstarter on a grand scale, hey why not? And as I have written over at Popmatters, Son Lux is the kind of project ripe for this type of collaboration and ethos. At War with Walls and Mazes and We are Rising are both successful mash-ups of organic and self created electronic sounds…a beautiful melting pot. Let’s hope we hear more of this zeitgeist emerge as talented musicians continue to experiment with, “… sounds whose origins are acoustic but whose qualities are clearly augmented.” Ryan Lott’s thoughtful and surprising arrangements, production, and sounds are atypical inside of the pop music landscape. His unique industrial beats are placed on the same par as the string quartet. I have been told that his live shows are a stew of modern dance, drums, strings, and computer samples mixed and triggered live. Ryan Lott has a knack for approaching his compositions like a computer guy, then somehow humanizing them in a way that is seldom heard. A musician for the 21st century. Progressive musicianship and a true spirit of collaboration. I look forward to hearing the next album.

Download or stream At War With Walls and Mazes here.

Or, listen below: