Quote: Joseph Bottum on Pope Francis I

This is the best quote I have read over the last few days about Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis I). The original source for this quote is from an article in The Weekly Standard that can be found here. I was made aware of this article through Peter Leithart’s blog over at First Things. Referring to this quote, Leithart suggested that Pope Francis represents an, “…unclassifiability that all Christians should aspire to.”

He is an advocate of the poor who has consistently opposed the Argentinian government’s ostensible programs for the poor. A social activist who rejects most social reform. A churchman who refused many of the elaborate trappings of his office while promoting the power of the church. A populist who denies almost every request for an interview. A leftist who denounces the state power and cultural changes demanded by the left. A reactionary who despises the accumulation of wealth and the libertarian freedoms praised by the right. No attempt to impose liberal and conservative definitions on him will succeed. Pope Francis simply won’t fit in those categories, mostly because the ancient religious insights of Christianity—taken, as he takes them, in their undiluted form—cannot find an easy place in the modern world.

-Joseph Bottum (from “New World Pope” at The Weekly Standard)