Church Music: Two New Releases

I often get asked about where to find contemporary liturgical music. Here are two new releases that are historically and artistically informed, yet contemporary in their expression. My wife and I will be using a few of these tunes re-worked for our local congregation. They also stand alone as great albums to listen to outside of the church gathering.

Bifrost Arts is a loose collective of artists that revolves around Isaac Wardell. He is the Director for Worship Arts at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. I had a chance to connect with him a few months ago at an artist retreat in Texas and was impressed by his heart for historically informed worship that is participatory. Highlights off of the new collection of songs include “We Are Not Overcome” and “Psalm 126.” Also, listen to the creative way in which Isaac arranged a traditional Psalm tone chant on “Psalm 90.” The music charts to all of the songs off of the new release are included when you download the album off of Bandcamp.

The Church of the Beloved is a Lutheran fellowship in Washington that has produced two cutting edge liturgical/artistic song collections over the last few years. We have used their first collection extensively in our own church. Download “Hope for a Tree Cut Down” with the lead sheets for free. Their new collection is called “Songs for a Mystical Supper.” Listen below: