A Prayer for Iraq: The Vicar of Baghdad

I’m taking some time this morning to remember our Christian brothers and sisters, indeed all of God’s children, who are suffering in the nation of Iraq. Last week, for the first time in 1600 years, no mass was celebrated in Mosul. More details here.

All across Iraq the suffering continues as even more Christians have been forced to flee their homes. Those who are unable to flee are often left behind to suffer. Some, like the Vicar in the video below, choose to stay in the midst of incredible uncertainty. Uncertainty as a way of life. The result…primal faith. Some are left behind in these kind of circumstances because they are weak and physically infirmed. The Vicar of Baghdad himself (Andrew White) has been disabled by multiple sclerosis, yet enabled to participate in the suffering of Christ in a unique way.

Here is the kind of embodiment of the Christian faith that I wish for those from outside the fold to see. Here is an embodiment of the faith that I wish for those inside the fold to see and consider.

I am grateful for this report from Vice. It’s a kind of “postmodern” honesty that allows a video like this to be propagated by a news syndicate that has a soft spot for carnality and often presents itself as NSFW.

My family attends a church where we share the Lord’s Supper together every week. One of the neat things about this practice is the real way in which we join in sacramental solidarity with the Christians depicted at the end of this report. We are not disconnected; the bread and wine feed us both and help us to remember each other. So, let us remember and pray.

The Vicar of Baghdad – Part 1 (from Vice)