Currently Thinking About: Marriage, Church Traditions, and Divine Love

Some view marriage to their church tradition in the same way some view and practice marriage between a man and woman. As self sufficient and sustainable without help from those outside their particular marriage (tradition). This is an extension of the modern myth of the “nuclear” family. Marriage for the common good means covenant commitment to an exclusive marriage that counts on those outside the marriage to prop it up and sustain its exclusivity, authenticity, and integrity. It is good for the church, and society at large, when the members of the church catholic can display this kind of ecumenism and humility.

The other extreme is to view exclusive relationships as fluid and all-inclusive…polyamorous even. Claiming exclusivity to more than one, but not being able to sustain such a tempestuous dream because of our limits as creatures…our “not-Godness.” This is an extension of the postmodern myth of pure syncretism. This understanding and practice is an unwillingness to admit, that in a fallen world, embrace always includes exclusion.

Indeed, we were made, “…a little lower than the angels.” But Christ was, “…made a little lower than the angels for awhile…,” so that he might enter into an exclusive marriage with his creatures. His exclusion from God has resulted in him being, “…crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone.” This kind of love goes beyond human attempts at exclusion and embrace.
It is holy. Thanks be to God.