Three Stories of Same Sex Attraction and Christian Faith: A Recent Documentary

Nuanced and honest accounts of same-sex attraction and historic Christian faith can be few and far between. This documentary was recently released by a group of Catholic filmmakers and does a fabulous job of framing the discussion within the context of individual stories that are contextual, yet converge on a journey toward the center of primal Christian faith. This documentary may defy the expectations of my friends on both sides of the “homosexual issue”, yet ends up in a place that is both profoundly Christian and human. Desire of the Everlasting Hills simply follows the long journey of three individuals on their trek back to Christian faith. The trajectory of their stories are Augustinian (thus the title of the film) and their conversions are a multifaceted witness to a Good Shepard. Claire Levis has written a brief review of the the film over at First Things .

Click on the below image to jump to the film, or click here for both Spanish and English versions of the film.