Currently Thinking About: Protestant Hymns in Roman Catholic Missals

I’ve been exploring various (contemporary) Roman Catholic missals and have found that the majority of the hymnody they contain are historically Protestant in origin. The same can be said for the Roman Catholic prayer devotional that I use called Magnificat. This is fascinating to me. Great church music has the ability to be delightfully indiscriminate. Crossing traditions, yet embodying our deepest confessions. Singing together as a kind of visible (and sacramental?) sign of unity. Confessing the deepest content of the faith through song bypasses our inability to reconcile in other ways. This fact should not be understated. Truly, Vatican II can be spoken of as a kind of Protestant liturgical renewal within the Roman Catholic church. Taken together, the canon of the best Protestant hymns engage the entirety of Scripture and present it as a “coherent dramatic narrative” that connect the community and individuals to the whole. The liturgy of the Mass does the same thing. Does the inclusion of these hymns presuppose that, on some level, we belong to the same Church? Thanks be to God.