Christ Church Davis Prayer Book 2015 (May 17 – July 30)

Christ Church Prayer Book (3rd Edition)
A third edition of the prayer book I have been compiling for our congregation has been published. This edition spans each week between Ascension Sunday on May 17th and the Tenth Sunday after Pentecost on July 30th. You can purchase a hard copy for yourself here or download a PDF copy for your tablet, phone, or computer here. Just click on the file that says Prayer Book: May-July 2015.

The book contains weekly Scripture readings, Psalms, and a prayer litany for each week up until July 30th, as well as brief introductions to Ascension Day, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday. The readings follow the reading cycle of the Revised Common Lectionary that include the sermon passage for each week. Every Sunday our local congregation will be rallying around the Psalm of the week and the themes present in these readings. It is my prayer that this book is a easy way to access formative Christian practices and encourage formative common worship that engages Holy Scripture and the historic language of the Church. You will find artwork to match the themes of each week’s readings.

At Jesus' baptism, the Holy Spirit descends in the form of a dove. (Matthew 3:16)
At Jesus’ baptism, the Holy Spirit descends in the form of a dove. (Matthew 3:16)