Podcast: Reflections on T.S. Eliot and Lent

A podcast conversation about Lent and T.S. Eliot with my friend, Greg Richards. Greg is the Director of Vital University Ministries and the Elisha Leadership Initiative in San Antonio, Texas. He is currently overseeing ministries at five university campuses in San Antonio and surrounding areas. Subscribe to his podcast in ITunes. Click here for a

Poems – Two from the Archive: “Promised Land” and “Impressions at a Free Church Liturgy”

 Promised Land Mess of life and mess of portion The precipice of grace placed to help us totter On these      The grounds of life lived in the face of              flaming swords and prohibitions to enter not                    the land of new humanity Enter not but enter soon Suffer well but suffer not        the sins of Cain

Distractions: March 2012

Theology Moral Theologian Cathleen Kaveny (Notre Dame) had a facinating discussion with John Stewart on the "Daily Show" about the debate over Catholic institutions and contraception. Both parts of this interview are well worth your time. Martin Luther certainly had a way with words.  Generate random insults from this great theologian over at the Lutheran