Sing like a Wesleyan…party like a Sufi

Tis' the eve of the Sufjan Stevens Christmas spectacular in San Francisco. Tomorrow night I will be traveling to the city by the Bay with my brother-in-law to participate in what promises to be a unique live concert event. I have heard rumors that there will be much singing and merriment, those in attendance beckoned to join in the Sufi

Album Review: Bon Iver

There are times when all of us long for an escape. We long to shut off the content-driven world in front of our face and get lost for awhile. The self-titled sophomore release album from Bon Iver (aka Justin Vernon) provides such an opportunity. Bon Iver is a ‘headphones’ album, from the sweet distortion of

Concert Review: U2 in Oakland

Most have said that the gigantic stage set for the U2 360 tour resembles a large spaceship. I agree. However, after experiencing the show for myself last night, I think it reminds me more of a very large Nike running shoe. The sloping pastel curves, stretchy vinyl-like aerodynamics, and the larger-than-life aesthetic of a corporate