Premarital Relationship in Christianity: Here’s What the Bible Has to Say About It

In the modern world, we more and more often face cases of premarital relationships, especially among young people. They believe that the concept of marriage has become too old and too complicated. However, we all must accept the fact that we live in a Christian country. Thus, must of our aspects are regulated by The Holy Bible. Surely, those who, for whatever reason, don’t believe in God, don’t follow these regulations, and this is their right. But what about Christians who get involved in Premarital Relationships? Does the Bible allow this? Is it a sin?

Another interesting question is an online dating and virtual sexual contacts between adult people. For example, will God punish you if you will be flirting with a girl, is it a sin? Or maybe it becomes a sin when you start sexting and sending nude pictures? It is a very complicated question. However, let’s draw a clear border between texting a person to date and marry them, and just to plan to share a bed for one night with them. Of course, in the second case, the action is much closer to be a sin. However, let’s find answers in The Holy Bible. Needless to say that that doesn’t say anything directly about online dating and chatting, but it gives us plenty of information to render and understand.

What the Holy Bible Says about premarital relationships

You will be very surprised to know that there are no strict prohibitions in the Bible concerning sex between an unmarried woman and an unmarried man. But it is important to know that there are more than 25 passages only in the New Testament. In the English version of the Bible, these sexual connections most frequently called “illicit sexual intercourses.” In simple words, all those passages tell about sexual immorality and fornications. Even in these passages, the Bible doesn’t share a special list of actions and deeds that represent sexual immorality. However, we would like to share with you some verses that directly related to immorality.

Jesus Christ

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ believed that every dark desire suck as theft, avarice, murder, fornication, envy, pride, slander, deceit, and premature sex desire comes from within. This means that no external factors can control you, and you can’t blame others for your desire to have sex with the woman you like before the marriage. You can find the original text in NRSV, Mark 7:20-23.

The apostle Paul

The apostle Paul believed that all acts that lead to sins are very simple and obvious. In NIV Galatians 5:19-21, he shared with us the list of those acts: witchcraft, idolatry, discord, sexual immorality, jealousy, debauchery, selfishness, dissensions, impurity, and envy. Also, he mentioned orgies and alcohol abuse. In his text, he warned those people who like all those things that they will ever get to Heaven.

So, as you can see, as a Christian, you must flee from sexual immorality. Both Jesus Christ and apostle Paul believed that sexual sins are sins against your own body. According to the Bible, we all have the Holy Spirit in us. Whom we were granted by God. This is why in TNIV, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, we can read that our bodies don’t fully belong to us because we have received them at a price, and we must honor God with them.

Consequently, even though there are no specific lists that determine sexual immorality, we still can see that it is clear that any sexual actions before marriage, and not between husband and wife are not welcomed. The Bible shares with us God’s thoughts. According to it, God believes that we should control our bodies and desires, and our main goal is to, at any cost, avoid sexual immorality. Otherwise, we act similarly to pagans, who will never have access to Heaven.

Sex is a wonderful thing and marriage is a blessing

When talking about such high matters, many believe that it is a sin to doubt and question holly statements from the Bible. However, God created us in the way that we always question even things that are not to be questioned. It is in our nature to doubt things. However, our doubts should only be caused by our desire to do Good and become better. And not to hide our own sinful intentions behind them.

While rereading the Bible, we have come to an idea that Gods not only allows us, but also wants us to have sex, but only in marriage. This is not because it is very bad and dirty, but because sex is not only about physical contact. On the spiritual level, when two people have sex, they build an emotional connection in front of God. It is an exclusive and unique feeling. This feeling, in a good-way, allows us to express mutual love to each other. From God’s perspective, when two people have sex, they truly become one flesh.

Marriage in the Bible

This world is full of other nations, cultures, and even religions, and all of them see marriage differently. You will never find lines the Bible that will require you to seal your marriage with a state-authorized license or a church ceremony. We do it only because we want to assure each other and other people that we have serious intentions. The Bible sees marriage mostly as a way to build a socially stable part of society. Thus, when you decide to create a family and raise kids, you benefit and contribute to the whole society.

Dating Tips for a Christian person

From first sight, it may seem that dating as a Christian person is very complicated, especially in our times when the majority of people in online dating apps seek one night stands. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about because there are many ways how you can actively search for romantic partners without losing your face in front of God or your partners. As we have already said, the Bible doesn’t recommend Christians to have sex before marriage. However, it has a way broader understanding of marriage than we have today. After all, sometimes people are absolutely sure that they are going to be together for the rest of their lives, but for some reason, they can’t get married yet.

1. Pay attention to online dating

Online dating is a very nice tool that helps people from all around the world to meet romantic partners. However, it is a widely known fact that online dating apps and some dating websites are full of perverts and other sinners. When you use those apps or websites, you may receive letters with porn content. In this case, you should never worry. Remember, this is not a sin. As a Christian, you can use any online dating apps and websites, but only if you have an honest desire to find a real romantic partner with whom you will spend your whole life, and you never get involved in those sinful activities.

2. Don’t lie

Lying is a very terrible sin, and you know it. Nowadays, people, especially younger ones, can’t imagine their lives without sex. Without a single doubt, this approach is inappropriate for you. Thus, you should never lie about the fact that you won’t have sex with a person until you understand that you truly want to spend your life with him or her. Otherwise, you will be meeting the wrong people who will only tease you and will be driving you to sin.

3. Work on yourself

It is very hard to list all parts of the Bible where you can read that you should always work on yourself. Working on ourselves is one of the greatest tasks that humans have in their lives. Every new day, we must become better versions of us. When it comes to dating, you should never rely only on God that he will find you a perfect romantic partner. It is your task to find a person who will be the most suitable for you. God blessed us all with the ability to improve ourselves. So, we all can fulfill this task.

4. Lower your expectations

One of the greatest mistakes a Christian person can do is to raise expectations from his or her perfect romantic partner too high. Here, we are talking not only about physical preferences but, mostly, about the emotional side of relationships. Your partner doesn’t necessarily have to be a Christian to his or her bones. Way too often, Christian people are searching for perfect, sinless partners. As you have guessed, their search is doomed.

5. Pray

I know that this sounds way too simple, but you should never underestimate the real effect of your prayers. They can help you to be more focused and sensitive to the words of God. The more often you pray, the more God-inspired your mind will become. Thus, you will be able to make better decisions. Plus, prayers help us to calm down and avoid mistakes.

If you are searching for romantic partners, you should never see the Bible as an obstacle on your way to happiness. The Bible is quite the opposite because it gives you directions on how to find a perfect lover and, at the same time, save the Holy Spirit in your body. Thus, if you are sure that you will stay with this person forever, then you can have a premarital relationship with him or her. But remember, this should be your honest decision made by your soul and pure feeling of love, and not by the desires sent by Satan. Your love and desire to make your partner happy is the main thing that should regulate your actions.